Djangophonique (Touring Lineup)

Christo occasionally joins Ann Arbor, MI based band Djangophonique for touring. He primarily works as a supporting guitarist for leader Andrew Brown's brilliant playing. and singer Katie Smith's lovely vocals. But when the group tours in this unique lineup, their repertoire also features Christo's steel guitar playing on feature solos in each set. Christo is working as an optional booking point of contact on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan. Multiple tours are in the works for 2024!

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On the main stage at Farm Block Fest in Allouez, MI

On the main stage at Farm Block in Allouez, MI!

Djangophonique is an award winning project that delivers the infectious joy, and expressive freedom that is at the heart of Django Reinhardt’s jazz manouche. With respect for the tradition and a fearless creativity that bends the conventions of the style, Djangophonique is keeping the Hot Club revival alive and well. The result is a sound that’s unmistakable to fans of the music, and alluring to the uninitiated—a sound that can bring the lively energy of a Parisian dance hall to the quietest listening room or captivate a buzzing festival audience with the aching nostalgia of a shimmering ballad.

Djangophonique has been described as “...the cleanest, most genuine manouche jazz that can be heard in Michigan” (Local Spins). Led by guitar player Andrew Brown, a true disciple of the style, the project has cultivated a community of musicians who channel the tenacious agility that the music demands. In 2022 the group released their first studio album, “Introducing Djangophonique,” which won Best Jazz Album, Traditions Award, as well as earning them Artist Of The Year at the WYCE Jammies. 

In 2023 the group began a new chapter with the addition of vocalist Katie Smith, who’s soulful approach channels the mystery and appeal of an unplaceable era. With a second studio album and a full concert schedule in the works for 2024, Djangophonique is poised to forge a connection with an expansive audience through the resonance of their artistry.

"I Wan'na Be Like You" featuring Grant Flick


Djangophonique was awarded Artist of the Year honors during the 2023 WYCE Jammie Awards. Its studio debut album, “Introducing Djangophonique,” won both the Traditions award along with being named Best Jazz Album!

Andrew Brown (Lead Guitar and Tenor Banjo)
Katie Smith (Vocals) 
Christo Ruppenthal (Rhythm Guitar and Steel Guitar)
Forrest Evans (Upright Bass)

"On The Road Again"